• Amir Stone Production

    Pioneer in production all kinds of river and rubble stones using modern technology

    River rock shop
  • Production, supply and sale of river stones and rubble

    Types of processed and natural river stones suitable for different tastes and applications

    River rock shop

Quality is our agenda

We have always tried to offer the best to our customers by producing and selling the highest quality stones, because customer satisfaction is our priority.

They buy from us all over Iran

We are always ready to receive orders from you dear ones anywhere in the country during the day and night.

Give a new color to your life

We give you variety and beauty by producing, supplying and selling all kinds of river and sheet stones in different sizes and colors.

Sange-amir Portfolio

Amir stone products cover a wide range of customer needs in the use of stone in construction, landscaping, urban planning, gardening and landscaping, decorative and decorative uses, etc. The following are some examples of customer needs:

  • Types of fountains including wall fountain, rock fountain and volcanic fountain
  • All kinds of fire temples, fireplaces and barbecues
  • Interior view of the wall and exterior view of the wall
  • Stairs and carpet floors
  • Pond and grounds

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