Amir Stone Production

Source text Amir Stone Industries with more than a decade of activity in the field of production and supply of river stones (rubble) and slate stones (carcass stone) and other natural stones always try to meet the needs of its customers in accordance with the needs of the day and It has the best quality.

This complex is always ready to cooperate and provide advice in the field of selection, design and execution of stones by its experienced professors in all construction projects, urban planning, gardening and landscaping, as well as other projects.

We are ready to cooperate with you

Amir Sang Industries Complex is ready to cooperate with contractors, municipalities, villa builders, mass builders, architects, masters of construction companies, office complexes, recreational complexes, commercial passages and all public and private bodies and other dear customers, for supply, distribution, sale and export. There are different types of building stones, river and sheet.

Customer satisfaction is our priority

Establish and maintain coordination between sales and executive management to achieve the desired result is a top priority Amir Stone Production To satisfy our customers as much as possible.

This collection, by employing experienced professors and also by using advanced devices, always tries to improve the quality level of its products in line with the needs of the day.